Who We Are

Off-Kilter + On-Point

We're a collective of creatives with passion and expertise for, and in, music. Bob-your-head-it's-so-damn-good music. We incubate, develop, and manage top-notch creative and the architects behind it.

/ 'Síló /
1. Dropbox or hard drive used to store dope tunes.
2. Underground chamber in which a music missile is kept for firing.

What We Do

At our core, we A&R and place carefully-crafted music in various media; trailers, ads, tv + film to be exact. We dissect our clients' needs and deliver distinct creative - whether it's bespoke custom, pre-released, or unreleased - to strengthen stories and bolster creative. Quality is key. And artistry is never compromised. We also manage and develop a selective roster of producers, writers, and artists in both the Sync and Pop-writing areas.

"Hell, there are no rules - we're trying to accomplish something."


Where We Are

Los Angeles

In the midst of the sunshine and traffic. Meet us for a pint.
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